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WHO: Cipha Sounds & Pete Rosenberg


WHEN: Monday December 22nd


Cipha Sounds



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Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder recently sat down with Okayplayer to discuss the future of the Freemans….

“Much like the cast of characters that make up his acclaimed comic strip The Boondocks, Aaron McGruder is a man unafraid to speak his mind. Whether addressing America’s racial stereotypes, the absurdity of its government, or the idiosyncrasies of its culture in general, McGruder’s smart and sardonic commentary earned him a legion of followers…..”




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Stuff & Other Things………

This isn’t some kind of secret, Teddy Riley, undercover jab at T-Pain and KanYe for the record. This project aims to answer the question: “What if Autotune was used on some of hip-hops biggest tracks??” Click HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE to get more info and to HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR the music.

UPDATE: The artwork is sick but all they achieve, in my opinion, is managing to ruin some classic music……………yep.


New Jay & KanYe track NOT off of Blueprint 3(unless they change their minds) but set to feature on the soundtrack to Biggie Biopic, Notorious, which I am getting slightly excited about.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z feat. Santogold – Brooklyn (Go Hard)


New game. Don’t you dare……..



New Jay Elec-Live from New Orleans. Equipped with plenty soundbites of crazy, British accented random-ness.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Annakin’s Prayer [produced by Jay Electronica]

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Haglar [produced by Jay Electronica]

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Not Too Far From Nothing [produced by Jay Electronica]



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Questlove decided to tell a dope J Dilla story over on OkayPlayer. Click the link at the bottom to read the entire article along with accompanying musical interludes.

“there was a small airport in detroit that had direct flights to jersey and nyc that me and com use to take so much i swear they were gonna offer us stock in the business. it was early 1999 and this was before the jet blueitization of america. matter of fact, america looked down on those small companies after one of them crashed some months before. now we take that shit like its no thing.

anywho. we got word of a blizzard that was coming to the D and com wanted to take no risks and wanted to leave asap so he could make a show. so that left me dilla and frank of frank n dank.

i decided to stick to my normal schedule and stay til monday when i was scheduled to leave.
com decides to take the sunday afternoon jawn on the fly. of course i say he’s overreacting and im proven wrong once there was about 7 inches on the floor a few hours later. frank nitty laughs at me cause now im stuck in the D. we actually make the most of it. ran to blockbuster to stock up on flicks (detroit is the only place on earth street cats will let prince get away with murder so it was nice to rent under the cherry moon without cringing in front of non prince experts. we also rented my new favorite film of all B films Hav Plenty. stocked up on food. and for the first time ever just chilled for 2 days without the prime motivation being “work”. but of course that dont mean dilla didn’t provide me with the most amazing display of workmanship ive ever seen.

i mean i knew dude was the crazy when skillz let me hear a beat tape.

and i knew dude wasn’t right when booty brown played me a precabincalifornia.

and i knew i wouldn’t be the same when dangleo and tip played me the ENTIRE fantastic cassette over the phone LONG DISTANCE to germany (my bill was $382 bucks and WORTH EVERY FUCKING CENT)”

Click HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE to read the whole article.



Video: Lil Wayne & Jay Electronica On Semtex TV | N.O Collabo
August 11, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Jay E & Weezy both discuss the possibility of a collaboration through DJ Semtex.

People don’t know about Wayne being a hip-hop head. For proof just check Little Brothers last album.

Video: Jim Jones Calls Jay A Dweeb | Nas Brings Jay Out At Rock The Bells NYC

The above picture is special as it connects with all the content in this post. It may or may not actually be featured in the background of one of the videos….Let me get on with it.

First up, here is Jim Jones calling Jigga a “dweeb” for his Rocafella exploits. At least he didn’t threaten to give him a wedgie.

Speaking of Jay and his SUCCESS……..here is Nas bringing out Jay at Rock The Bells in NYC:

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What’s that?? You want more Nas performance footage? if you insist, here is The Jones Experience featuring DJ Green Lantern, Nas, Talib Kweli & Jay Electronica.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Was that a-picture-ation?? Does anyone even understand what that means??

Mention to Eskay & 2dbz

The New Royales Ft Jay Electronica – Posers (Prod. DJ Khalil) | Electronical
May 21, 2008, 4:46 pm
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DJ Khalil has been working with an up & coming Indie band by the name of The New Royales. Heres a track they knocked out featuring Jay Electronica.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica & The New Royales – Posers

Eskay via Sweeny.