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Update 1702


We back bitch…. Back to the grind, back to the job, back to basics. Today on the show was pure fire. We had Chloe Jo on who is sexy chick with tips on “Going Green”. We also had Bill Mahr talking about his movie “Religulous” now out on dvd. Plus it’s tuesday, so we had to get that Showdown with Cipha Sounds poppin…. tune in and see if I still have the crown.

WHO: Cipha Sounds & Pete Rosenberg


WHEN: Tuesday 17th Feb


Ciph Dogg


CONSEQUENCE | CUDI & CORDERO ON THE SET OF “BUGGIN OUT 09”: —————————————————————————————-=====

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2 New tracks from Joey. I am kinda late with the “In My Sleep” MP3 but I have been on hiatus so thats why…….I also never posted the behind the scenes footage but you can catch that HERE.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden – In My Sleep

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden Get It In Freestyle

New Asher.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Silly Boy (prod. Don Cannon) | Mediafire



I have been getting some emails wondering just how long this site is gonna be “down” for so here is the answer: I don’t know. It could be up and running this afternoon if I work hard enough but as you may or may not have guessed by now I am super lazy. Here is a couple updates to keep you going until I get back in the update zone.

Oh yeah, Chris Brown punched Rihanna in the face…..I was there……I bit her.

P.S Although I said it before, apologies to the senders of the 100’s of emails I am getting with “postable” material.



Here is a video of Cons & Kid Cudi working on a G.O.O.D Music version of “Buggin Out” with J.Period. Download link for the final track below the video.

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J.Period Ft Consequence & Kid Cudi – Buggin Out 2009





I’m not late with this….I just wasn’t around.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


New Blu.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Blu – Amnesia | Mediafire


The way 9th and Wale are positioned on this cover looks unfortunately __________.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Wale – Nightlife (feat. Tre & Young Chris)



In my absence Cipha Sounds & Pete Rosenberg have managed to stay on the air which means my daily update is about a week behind. Here is yesterday’s (Monday 9th Feb) show. Click the link below the download to catch-up on the missed episodes.

WHO: Cipha Sounds & Pete Rosenberg


WHEN: Monday 9th Feb


Ciph Dogg


Paul Mooney + Juan Epstein = Dope-ness.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Juan Epstein Season 2, Episode 17

Ciph Dogg

Get ready for 12 minutes of nut-ness featuring T-pain, DJ Khaled & other dreadlocked males. Even T-Pain has to laugh at Khaled’s constant shouting and catchphrase usage.

T-Pain Video Blog #1:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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We all knew it was gonna start at some point…….here are some CDQ leaks from 808’s & Heartbreak.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Robocop | Mediafire
LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – What It Is | Mediafire
LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Coldest Winter


UK Artist, Mr Hudson, will be opening for KanYe on his UK tour next month. Here is Consequence introducing him to the world.

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Music links jacked straight from “2 boyz” involved in dope-pushing.

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DJ Semtex just informed me that Ms Dynamite is back with a new song, Bad Gyal. CLICK HERE to listen to the track.

October 21, 2008, 8:18 pm
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G.O.OD Music party ft Jay-Z, Lupe, KanYe etc etc:

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Yes, Mr Bentley does dance like that in real life.

I have been super-busy working on transferring all my ish-ness to a different site which should hopefully be up and running either late this week or next Monday. This means if I didn’t/haven’t replied to you emails then I will try and do so soon. Anyway, enough with all that and back to this:

Lupe Live:

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M.I.A has been big over here for a while now but “Paper Planes” has pretty much shot her to superstardon over in the states. Here is a couple M.I.A related visual treats.

M.I.A – Paper Planes (LIVE):

M.I.A on ConsTV:

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Even MORE Charles Hamilton off of his next mixtape ^^ aka It’s Charles Hamilton.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – It’s

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Hell Boys

Mixtape out October 14th.

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Grafh – behind the scenes of “Bring The Goons Out”

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Off the re-release of “And Justus For All” and CDQ.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Little Brother – Passionflower (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

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Its worth watching back through Consequence’s flip cam diaries as he finds himself in plenty of G.O.O.D situations. You might wanna turn it down at points as theres a LOT of shouted catch phrases. Examples: “You know how we do” | “It’s the Con’s Fool, WORD!” | “What’s Poppin!” | “Yeeooouuww” & Many more.

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/48376&embedId=49292398]

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Text jacked straight from Eskay & he will never know, ahahahahhhahahahahahhh…ha…..cough..ha-cough…*whistle*:

No I.D. took time to chime in about Common (Sense’s )Demo Tape, and also mention that he and Kanye West will be producing Common’s album coming in 2009. Although Universal Mind Control hasn’t even dropped yet, this adds much anticipation to Common’s future project as G.O.O.D. Music will be in full effect again. Kanye West & No I.D. were recently working on Jay-Z’s next and last Def Jam release, Blueprint 3, and although Kanye was mostly unavailable, due to the tour, to produce for Common on this album, The Neptunes had to step in for production. The world is still waiting to hear how they plan on following up 2007’s Finding Forever & 2005’s Be. No I.D., who Kanye calls his mentor, produced much of Common Sense’s classic Resurrection, and last produced for Common on One Day It’ll Make Sense.

Universal Mind Control drops on December 9th. Expect to see Lonnie in the fourth Terminator movie with Christian Bale and play the Green Lantern in The Justice League movie.

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Jeezy hasn’t changed his mind about possibly voting for McCain.

The King is back. I thought this was never coming.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks – Return of the P.L.K.


LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: The Game – Baggage Claim (prod. Cookin’ Soul)

Download Mixtape here.


Busta Rhymes speaks on his detainment over here in the UK. Its crazy out here.


You may have heard the audio for this already in the last week but, as we all know, video is better.


Rik Cordero

Rik Cordero

Consequence & Wale At University Of Maryland with Rik Cordero on the 1’s & 2’s:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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