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About Paperboy AKA Ldn AKA Ldnx10 AKA Ldn Ono AKA Neil Gates

Paperboy/Ldn (Pronounced L-D-N) are not and wont ever be my government names. HOWEVER, they are my blogging name and Ldn is a nickname I got from the blog title(Ldntimes10).

If you haven’t guessed by now I live in the worlds capital: London City. Have resided here all my life and don’t know when I will be able to say otherwise.

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EMAIL: LdnINBOX@live.com |


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Hi Ldn, love the site.

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Comment by David Howard


Thank you for continuting to support us over at http://www.thelifefiles.com. We’ve been noticing you putting your url to your site in all of your comments. That is considered spamming. We don’t mind a few posts, but please be mindful.

Keep the comments coming!!!! Thanks for the nas link as well.

the.LIFE Files

Comment by the.LIFE Files

^ lol @ the irony

Comment by nation

Peep this mixtape if you ever get time, it’s doep man, i promoise ya: http://www.datpiff.com/Seven1three_Van_Solo_Veeology.m40340.html

or http://sharebee.com/f8715a2d

Comment by Van.

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