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Q&A: IBN JASPER | Fly Than A Piece Of Paper……..
August 18, 2008, 9:36 pm
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If KanYe was Vince from Entourage then IBN would be his Turtle. If you do not watch Entourage then I suggest you start. Anyway, his name is probably familiar to you from Lupe’sParis, Tokyo” where he is immortalised in the line “the reason I get fly like IBN Jasper.”

Limite Magazine caught up with Fly-B-N for a quick Q&A. Click More to read.

Who is Ibn Jasper? Born in and raised in Chicago, he is the Image Consultant who works closely with Kanye West; Ibn is the first and often the final word in all things fresh…

We wanted the chance to sit down with Ibn and chat about what is going on with him, because if we know what’s going on with him, then we know what’s going to be selling like hotcakes tomorrow. We got it, Ibn gave us the low down on style, working with Kanye, skateboarding and more:

Name / Alias:
Ibn Jasper / Ferrari Murakami aka F.M. Phenomenal
First off, how do you define fresh?

My new thing is that I want to be so fresh that it offends people. I want people to feel a little disrespected when I show up with the clothes I have on. I have the entire globe as my reference, and I shop everywhere around the world, so I rock items that people have never even heard about, let alone seen.

So basically, being fresh is just a part of you, it comes naturally, from kicks to clothes to hair styles, it’s part of your being?

Oh yea, definitely. Freshness is everything you do. From what you eat, drink, watch on TV(or don’t watch on TV), movies, books, mags, websites, girls you holla @… just everything you do with your life determines how fresh you are. Being fresh is the number one responsibility in the profession I’m in, so I analyze freshness with a little bit more detail and intensity than anyone else. Fresh is more of a direct science to me.

Do you draw inspiration for freshness from the people around you (i.e. Kanye, Diamond, Lupe)?

I really just have my own style that comes from me, but I will say that Kanye, Lupe and Nick have given me some really nice gifts.

So coming from Chicago, does the city almost automatically give you the necessary environment for “freshness”?
Hell no! You gotta find it, and Chicago is definitely NOT a fashion city. I find inspiration in Paris, Tokyo, London, and NYC. Those are fashion cities.
Did you acquire your taste and style for sneakers in Chicago or elsewhere?
It’s safe to that, because I mainly rock Jordan’s, only 1 through 8 and Air Max (87s and 90s). When I was growing up, I idolized Jordan, I mean, I’ve got “Come Fly With Me” on my iPhone 3G. I was watching it at dinner @ Phillipe last night in NY.

So you’re not really a fan of SB dunks or AF1’s, or even things a little more far off like Y3’s and other Adidas?

I like the notebook dunk hi’s. But I actually skate in SB shoes. So I really mess them up, you know? But, I’m not a poser, I actually do skate (and well). I’m an old school H-Street head (H-Street is an early 90’s skateboard brand which is highly regarded). But I think H-street is new school just to let you know how old school I am. Danny way, Matt Hensley and them are my childhood idols, just like Jordan is. I look at Matt Hensley in the same light as Jordan.

How do you feel about Plan B (a new skateboard brand with an all star team) and their roster of skaters?

Plan B is the reincarnation of H-street. I love Paul Rodriguez and P.J. Ladd (pro skaters), those 2 guys are amazing. My favorites right now are Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. I love tech skating. I like when people show off how good they are.

OK, what about your all time favorite sneaker?

I just need them black 6’s (Jordan’s). Kanye has them, and he rocks ‘em every day. I’m serious, I mean every single day. Lucky bastard.
Alright, so lets close this up, what can we expect from the Talented Mr. Jasper in the future, a few NIKE collaborations, some Pastelle pieces, another fresh cut for Kanye?

Yea, definitely… all 3, but reverse the order you said them in. That’s how they’ll come out, cut 1st, Pastelle pieces, then… (give’s a villainous laugh).
Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the fashion connoisseur reading this right now?

Don’t just be a fashion connoisseur, be a connoisseur of everything in life. Also, a big, huge shout to Kanye for changing my life. That’s all…. Oh yeah and the Air Yeezys and Pastelle coming real soon. Like real soon before you know it soon.


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