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Video: Asher Roth Performs At Fuggin Awesome | Suburb Showcase
July 27, 2008, 12:19 pm
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Asher Roth performed live for the FIRST time the other day at “Fuggin Awesome.” This is not uncommon these days as Myspace can get you famous before you even set foot on a stage. Jay-Z touched on this topic on Jonathan Ross recently and explained thats why Hip-Hop shows are less polished as band based music. However, Asher looks pretty comfortable already which is good.



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he’s cheesy

Comment by magnum g.i.

The real heat that night was SunToucher’s set just before Asher’s. Here is a live, instrumental band that has two LP’s out and that all the heads dig yet never seems to get the deserved exposure. SunToucher completley crushed it with a short set and were rushed of stage for the sake of getting everyone a chance to perform. Too bad the other rap acts (not Asher) didn’t try to do a short set instead because the crowd was diggin on SunToucher the most. I know some people got SunToucher’s set on video. Hopefully they will post it.

Comment by the applicator

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