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Video: Jay-Z – Glastonbury Intro | Ferrari Skateboard | Video: Charles Hamilton – Team Invasion Radio | Donny Goines Update

I am late for the Jay-Z show in London as I type this so I cramming all these posts into one.

Heres the intro video Jay played before he came on stage at Glastonbury. The BBC chose not to air this….

This is dope & I wouldn’t even say I like Skateboarding.

More Charles Hamilton-ness:

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/73241&embedId=49063472]

Think Pink.

Here is what Donny has to say about this update:

For this episode right here I linked up with some really dope MC’s. First up my man Torae, who just dropped Daily Conversation (go pick that up). Next up I got Sha Stimuli. This dude is dropping a new mixtape every month, how ill is that? And last but not least my boy APInks, who makes a reappearance on the series (he was the first artist I did this with and the reason I made this one is a special edition). Look out for his video on MTV2 “Hit the Light’s I’m on”. I still got more MC’s on the way so be on the look out every Thursday.

Also I have been nominated for a Underground Music Award in the “Buzz Factor” catagory. If you could place a vote or post the link up along with this video so others could vote that would be greatly apprecaited. Much love and God Bless.
With that said I am out the door on my way to Hyde Park to see if Glastonbury was a fluke. See Ya!

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