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Audio: The Game Reveals That A 4TH Album Will Come Out Called D.O.C | But Only If Certain Things Go His Way
June 13, 2008, 12:52 am
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Game recently spoke to DJBooth.net about the position he is currently in creatively & mentally. It’s a quality interview with a lot of information but one segment kinda jumps out more than the rest….

DJ Booth: We had a “By Request” segment on our website, allowing all of our members to submit questions for you, and out of the hundreds of questions we received, I chose one. It comes from Ivan, from Portugal, and he said, “It’s really hard to believe that L.A.X. is really gonna be your last album, so if you haven’t already changed your mind since you made that worldwide announcement,” and you reiterated it earlier today during our interview, “would you consider continuing to record if, after this album drops, you said, ‘You know what? I just can’t put the mic down?’”

The Game: If my fourth album comes together, if the idea of it comes together the way that I want to, I’ll maybe consider doin’ a fourth album. But if I can’t get in the studio with the people that I want to, and make it happen the way that I want to, if I can’t even get them to talk about the idea, then I won’t even consider it.

DJ Booth: What is that idea that you speak of?

The Game: My next album, my fourth, and then the next one will be the last one, ‘cause I got – my next album was supposed to be this album, but this album, when I started recording it, it turned left on me, so that’s when I came with L.A.X.. But my fourth album will be titled – if it comes to life – The DOC, and that’s The Diary of Compton. It’ll have ten tracks on it which are [unlisted]. It will not have names on it; they’ll just be called chapters one through ten. If I can get Dr. Dre, MC Ren, King Tee, DJ Yella, Ice Cube, and DJ Quik to help me – not necessarily rap or feature or say anything, but to produce, and just be in my corner, and I can document it all and get it done the way I want to do it, then The DOC will hit stores.




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