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CH UPDATE | Mixtape: Charles Hamilton – Outside Looking | Interview With Blazinstreets.com

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The Life and Times of Charles Hamilton

By Brandon Neasman

I don’t want to say I told you so but…. I TOLD YOU SO! Even back when I wrote my first article on him when he was still unsigned (I was backing you before all the buzz kid hahaha), I knew that Charles Hamilton would one day be a household name. Well… he’s not quite a household name yet, but he’s most definitely on his way. With the help of two mix tapes being released by DJ Skee and Green Lantern, the entire world will soon see what some already know; That Charles Hamilton is a beast.

The 20 year old emcee is one of the strangest cats you could possibly ever talk to. The kid from Harlem loves the color pink, his girlfriend Simone and Sonic the Hedgehog. I knew that he had a weird infatuation with the Sega character before the interview, but what I didn’t know is that there was a reason behind it. Before I started my interview with Charles, I prepared myself for the strange things that I figured I would hear. Although I was right about expecting to have a crazy interview, what I didn’t expect was for him to be closer to normal than I thought. I would have never guessed that such a talented rapper, producer and musician would have ever had problems like figuring out where he was going to lay his head at night.

Charles Hamilton is definitely in a transition period in his career right now. He’s running towards his goal of winning a Grammy while still trying to escape the comparisons to both Eminem and Lupe. With all of the hype and the buzz that we journalists and bloggers create, Mr. Hamilton has obviously been a very busy man of late. Besides doing this interview and free-styling with The Game and Kanye West, the lab-rat has been spending most of his time focusing on his music.

I could go on and on about how dope his lyrics are or how I think his self-produced beats are extremely underrated, but instead I’ll let you find out for yourself. Without further ado, Blazinstreetz.com presents to you Charles Hamilton.

Blazinstreetz.com: Let’s jump right in it. If I’m not mistaken your mix tape is dropping this week right?

Charles Hamilton:
Yeah… me and DJ Skee just dropped a mix tape, a west coast version of the Green Lantern mix tape

BS: Right…. I just peeped that joint on some blogs today. The DJ Skee one is made up of some of your older cuts though right?

CH: Yeah, kind of like the Green Lantern tape. I just been catching people up….so all the criticism, I’ve already factored it in when I first did the music. I know all the possible goods and bads someone could say about my music….comparisons, so on and so forth. But I feel like right now I’m going elsewhere musically and the listeners of …um, now… lol… need to be caught up

BS: Right….so how many times do u hear the Eminem comparisons?

CH: Not so much anymore

BS: Lupe?

CH: Everyday. That kind of annoys me cuz you can’t be intelligent without the comparison. If Lupe gets on A Millie and says some thought provoking shit
It’s cool. When I did, I’m tryna be him, so I guess IQ is taboo

BS: Hahaha… I feel u. At the end of the day u still respect both emcees though right? Like the comparisons don’t make u feel like fuck them do they?

CH: Nah…I mean when I was doing the whole look for a deal thing they had me ready to kill Lupe lol. I’m not tryna be him at all. Much respect to him, but he doesn’t go thru my hell and never will so the comparison was kind of whack. His story is nowhere near mine. I’m sure he did have his pitfalls but I was dead ass dirty and homeless going to these meetings my lawyer who was in a fly ass suit…

BS: Damn that’s fucked up

CH: Niggas tryna smile in my face and I’m tryna pretend like I’m not embarrassed my clothes look the way they look. So they would offend me with the Lupe shit.

BS: Especially when you were putting your heart and soul in your craft right?

CH: Hell yeah, dead ass and there’s more shit but I was told to hold off on saying some things until its time. I lived in my studio, my high school….old high school rather I dropped out. They just let me live in there…. sometimes the janitor would be whack and kick me out late at night, but whatever it was somewhere to stay. So my perspective on the game is WAY different than anyone in it right now.

BS: Do u got family?

CH: Yeah… we not as close, even though the deal “patched things up”.

BS: Do u see that as a good thing or bad thing….. Like does it seem shady to u?

CH: I can’t tell… honestly, that’s the shady thing.

BS: The fact that u can’t tell?

CH: Exactly, it makes me not fuck with no one. I only trust my nigga HchO and my girl Simone…no agendas, just real love.

BS: No homies or nothing?

CH: Very few, cuz niggas is opportunists. They show they real colors after the deal.

BS: So would fans ever catch Charles Hamilton with a hype man with him on stage on some Yayo or Spliff Star shit?

CH: Maybe HchO but I like to be onstage alone…..tell my story I used to be in a duo but it didn’t work out. I wanted to be further left, feel me? Plus they didn’t like my production, I sampled too much for their comfort.

BS: The duo was with the dude on the stutter track right?

CH: Yeah Yung Nate. We cool now but it was kind of rocky between us for some time. Some words got exchanged, but it’s all good.

BS: Speaking of your production….I think on your ‘Price is Right’ joint u said u cleared all your samples, that’s a lot of samples.

CH: Lol that’s on my list of things to do. I said once I get the money I would do that.

BS: I was going say cuz even Kanye aint clearing all his samples

CH: I feel like ALL music should be free, I feel like publishing shouldn’t exist and I feel like artists shouldn’t be as stingy as they are wit they work. A lot of Dilla’s music went unheard because labels and execs were (pardon my French) pussy. Music gets lost because of business. My lawyer and I have this talk all the time…mind you I love the work he does. He’s been in the game for ages.

BS: Speaking of labels u just signed with Interscope right?

CH: Yeah and I got my own label with Interscope, Demevolist Music Group.

BS: How was that day? I know u was geeked….

CH: Yo… I was geeked, but not cuz of anything but this reason….I get to shower every day…. I get to eat 3 meals and less only when I want. I can live with my girl and
I can make music at my own pace in a nice studio.

BS: Damn…that’s some real shit

CH: Dead ass, I can change lives…fuck a chain…fuck a whip…fuck these groupies. I don’t go back home to a nice apartment, its back to the bench. So I don’t make whack music… because I can’t do the bench again. Too many niggas know I’m in L.A. right now for me to flop or get dropped. And you know what? If my album don’t sell, it will win a fuckin Grammy, and that’s the only thing I want. The first thing I did with my advance was cop a Sega Genesis then a laptop.

BS: Hahaha… on just some convo shit, what’s your favorite Sonic? Cuz 3 was always my shit.

CH: 2. I feel a spiritual connection to that game. I used to get chased home from school and playing Sonic 2 felt like I was running him away from the same danger

BS: Why did you get chased home from school?

CH: Same reason these industry niggas don’t like me, I’m different. I was born in Cleveland before I moved to Harlem so I had a lil accent. I used to run Sonic (and Tails) through these zones and get him to his destination safely until it was time to go to school and get chased home again for being the nerd who played the piano all the time, who complimented girls instead of kissing them and running. I had the worst time growing up cuz I’m still the same person.

BS: Do u think that will affect how people see your music?

CH: Nah cuz I’m real about it. I’m not afraid to talk about the shit I been through cuz it’s real. I don’t care if you didn’t go through it because it’s real. Not realistic, it’s dead real. Sometimes I do get poetic if you will but shit is real for me, I don’t want to make shit up.

BS: Do u ever get caught up in that king of NY shit?

CH: Nah cuz niggas could be the king. I’m Charles Hamilton and you’re not
Lol. End of story. I’m Charles Hamilton from Harlem, NO ONE can say they that

BS: Hahaha… Do u feel you’re cocky?

CH: Lol yo… I used to be worst than Kanye.

BS: Noooooo… worse than Ye?

CH: Only because I was always pushed to the side. When I say worst than Ye, it was because I was going through a lot and was angry I guess I was a DMX with a smile.

BS: So u think u earned your spot now huh?

CH: Nah I didn’t earn my spot, not yet because I’m not a Grammy award winner.
That’s all I care about.

BS: A Grammy?

CH: Grammys and life with Simone. I pray for our stability every day
because she keeps me stable.

BS: A Grammy must symbolize something to you?

CH: It’s like a Sonic ring, a chaos emerald; it means that my music is the best in that category and that no one in that genre could touch my project… I don’t want just one; I want to shut the Grammys down every time a record drops, to the point where the Grammys won’t even exist. They would have to just glorify MUSIC and not just one artist. It would be one big night of celebrating the year’s best music, not rewarding a great artist… it would be a night of collabos.

BS: To get those Grammys though people got to love your music….. for those who aint heard your music yet how would u describe it to them?

CH: Um….. rhythmic blog entries written by a man on the edge of insanity…produced by Kanyilla Reznor lol. Kanye/Dilla/Trent Reznor.

BS: Do u do production for other artists?

CH: I would, but no one reached out to me. I mean let me not say that, I did a joint wit Macy Gray.

BS: How was that?

CH: Macy was cool, she’s her own person. Very laid back, she’s out there like me. We got along fine. But yeah, I can make non sampled beats…

BS: Hahaha… I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Charles Hamilton beat with no samples.

CH: I got a stash of em’. I’m just working on a particular sound. Plus, I think those beats are really out there…

BS: It seems like most artists have to alter at least something to get put on.

CH: I won’t change. I’ll fight, I might lose but I will fight. Shoot me if you want, I won’t die.

BS: It seem like the suits is winning these days… at least in Nas’s case

CH: Nah Nas was blackin to begin with. He knows he could have been smarter about it.
If he was gonna call it Nigger, he should’ve went hard. Put his deal on the line for it, stood up for it. Other than that he just wanted media attention. He got money and a good name, he would’ve been fine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I stand up for my music and the things that make me. If they ever try to change that… I WILL WALK AWAY!!!

BS: So would u have fought in his situation?

CH: Yes…no question. New artist or not, that’s my vision.

BS: Yo I’m going to spit out some names and you tell me your opinion on them or it aight?

CH: oh boy…aight.

(rest of the interview at blazinstreets.com)

Root Canal In The Birth Canal, Try It Hurts (c) Charles Hamilton


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