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February 10, 2009, 9:53 pm
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The smoking section just sent through this article comparing rappers to actors, or in some cases, rapper/actors to actor/rappers.

Only a couple points I would like to make, firstly, Micheal should be compared to Chris Brown. This was always my feeling due to their resemblance but thankfully Chris has added more fuel to the fire by also proving to be good with his fists. Secondly and quickly, I agree with the 50 = Marlo theory but wish to add that they both slur their speech and have suffered cheek wounds(on the face).


WHO: Cipha Sounds & Pete Rosenberg


WHEN: Monday January 12th


Cracked Rib Kid


New 50. Produced by DJ Premier aka Primo for those who don’t know.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Curtis – Shut Your Blood Clot Mouth (Prod. by DJ Premier)


Video: 50 Cent – Get Up
November 7, 2008, 12:15 am
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New video from 50. Don’t wanna speculate too much but that looks like Dre & Em in the tubes at the end. That sentence will make a bit more sense once you have seen the video.

50 Cent – Get Up:


I have had he snippet on repeat since yesterday so its good to finally get the full version. Now all we need is the CDQ track and the album. Full interview with Angie included.


LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z on Hot97 w/ Angie Martinez

This is apparently the title track from the upcoming, and I have no clue about what date “upcoming” relates to, duo album.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne – I Can’t Feel My Face

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Trailer for Curtis’ new movie to coincide with the new album. The fact that the video is watermarked with “Thisizgame.com” makes me question it.

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More JoeBuddenTV:

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Alchemist signs off on the recently mastered EP from Evidence, The Layover.

Luda, G-Unit, Juelz |

50 Cent Discusses New Projects & Eminem:

G-Unit Live In Albany:

Juelz Santana On Mixtape Monday:

Ludacris Ft Money Mayweather – Undisputed Trailer:

Video: 50’s Love Lockdown | Video: Lil Wayne On SNL
September 14, 2008, 8:58 pm
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A couple quick videos for you. First of all we have Fifty giving his thoughts on KanYe’s new single and Yayo does his best impersonation of Mr West.

Lil Wayne On SNL:

It was the best of times, It was the Blurst of times?!?!?

Video: Curtis On Conan O’Brian |
September 11, 2008, 5:16 pm
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Curtis sits down with Conan to discuss De Niro amongst other things.

50 on Conan O’Brian:

….And I aint never gonna forget it (c) 50 Cent


Video: Robert De Niro & 50 Cent “Righteous Kill” Interview | Teaching De Niro To Rap
September 8, 2008, 7:25 pm
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Robbie & Curtis discuss Righteous Kill.

That gold tooth is rik-diculous.

Im Back Like A Spine | Fabolous Not Mine

So its been days since I last posted and this has many reasons. Too many. Either way here is a whole bunch of stuff that I have for you today.

Since I left The King Of Pop aka Wacko aka MJ aka Mr Jefferson turned 50 aka the big 5-0 aka Curtis Jackson(ironic). The above picture is what “experts” claim he would look like if he avoided the surgeons knife.

Enough with that, lets get on with this.

Pharrell & Primo talk Busta, Beats and Batty Boys on ConsTV:

Instead of asking “where have you been?” you should be yelling “how can she slap?!?!?!” like my man Ravi:

Nas Interview On SEMTEXtv:

Murs’ Paid Dues Tour: Webisode 1:

Entourage Series 5 Clips:

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Fusion Unltd – The Sun f. LB, Nickelus F, HOF & Skillz | MediaFire

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Solange – Fuck the Industry (rmx) f. Wale | MediaFire

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Ciara Ft T-Pain – Go Girl

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – Done It (Prod J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Curtis ft. M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Remix) <<<< Crazy/Weird

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Teyana Taylor – Move

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Buckshot & 9th Wonder Ft Mickey Factz – Concrete Jungle

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Tony Yayo – 3 Straps

01. Stay On Your Level
02. Harlem
03. Just A Musician
04. How
05. Presidential Pondering (Ft. Fidel)
06. Twitter 16
07. Windows Media Player
08. Down
09. Mixtape vents
10. Butcherman
11. Music Suicide
12. Saving Grace
13. Supersonic’s First Freestyle
14. Forever Again
15. Do What You Love

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Death of the Mixtape Rapper

Cipha & Peter are still on the air. Here is Tuesdays morning show.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Cipha & Rosenberg Morning Show | Featuring A Man VS A 7 Year Old Girl

2DBz | Ciphanberg | Eskay

LDN-Rewind-10 | Missed Opportunities

Busy times have kept me from the site and as usual when I am absent a KanYe video drops. Admittedly it is just a HQ version of the one that surfaced about 4-5 months ago (which disappeared) but either way I am p****d.

Thats where we will start but prepare your self for a whole bunch of junk from the past 24.

KanYe West – Good Morning:

T-Pain Ft Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It:

Anyone else think it looks like Weezy is holding a puppet in the video still.

Talib Kweli Ft KRS-One - Perfect Beat:

Chamillionaire Speaks Mixtape Messiah 4:

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: The Game – Ain’t Fuckin’ With You | MediaFire

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Nametag – Stylin’ On ‘Em (prod. Black Milk)

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: D-Black – The Come Up f. Skyzoo (prod. Illmind) | MediaFire

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – Brand New Car | MediaFire

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Mixtape Vents

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Styles P – Get Down (No DJ)

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: LL Cool J Ft 50 Cent – Feel My Heart Beat

2DBz | Dajaz1


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